Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin "Stream"

Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin

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Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin always loved Russian nature and very often painted it. He saw beauty even in the smallest details. The artist praised natural perfection and sought to convey its original appearance. His paintings convey the true beauty of Russian land.

In 1898, Konstantin Alekseevich painted the painting "Stream". The picture remotely resembles the work of Polenov, color rendition does not occur through bright spots. All shades are muffled, hills and stunted trees flaunt in the background. The stream is calm, charming water lilies grow on its surface.

The surface reflects the sky, from this the picture becomes alive. It seems that even the sound of this pacified water is heard. We also see green vegetation in reflection.

The bridge of wood has already lost weight in places, but this does not spoil the general perception. On the contrary, reality amazes and forces for long minutes to rearrange how the foot steps on this old, but strong construction.

The landscape was painted on the eve of the evening, the sun had not yet set, but there were shadows characteristic of the evening time of the day. The artist, like a real poet, who managed to convey with a brush all the coherence and rhyme of the surrounding natural nature.

One cannot help but love this picture.

In every nearby village there is such a small brook with a wooden bridge. People run across it daily, but only a few can see this genuine beauty. Korovin K.A. was able to consider every ideal line. He simply redrawn what was so skillfully painted by nature itself. All shades and colors are selected harmoniously. Nothing annoys the human eye.

Not every brush owner could draw such a canvas. All the landscapes of this artist are filled with warmth and comfort. The author conveys true beauty and does not finish anything at all. Nature is the best artist and it is from her that you need to learn how to mix colors and give your soul.

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