Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “In the Old House”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “In the Old House”

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A magnificent Russian landscape painter, whose student works were noticed by I.I. Levitan himself.

In painting, as well as in literature of the late 19th century, very often artists began to address the theme of homestead life. Most often, these works reflect a kind of nostalgic note, being a kind of “look into the past”, at the past heyday of homestead life, which, due to the growth of cities and urban population, and indeed many changes in public life, gradually began to the beginning of the 20th century fade away.

The artist, as you know, spent his childhood on the estate himself, and these landscapes and interior interiors are his inner world, something he is used to, something native and warm. Therefore, with such love, he writes numerous estates, parks, landscapes, interiors of houses, etc.

In the picture we see the interior of the living room. It is slightly darkened. The house seems to be resting in the absence of people. Red empire style chairs lined with velvet, portraits dating back to the very beginning of the 19th century - one portrait, possibly of a secular lady, the other - a portrait of a military man, even from the Paul era. All this is sleeping. But a clear, warm May afternoon erupts from the wide open window.

We seem to feel this fresh air, this aroma of young greenery, we hear birds chirping in the courtyard, life is flowing outside the window! Bright, juicy greenery of young trees, the blue of the sky - all this creates such a lively and joyful atmosphere that I definitely want to find myself in that place to feel the same way that the artist felt when he painted this canvas. The picture disposes not only to contemplation, but also to reflection. There is no action on it, everything is static.

But looking out the window, I suddenly feel like forgetting my mournful thoughts about the past and the future, and run out into the bright yard ... And breathe deeply into the air of spring - eternal and unchanging ... and not think about anything!

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