Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Winter Road"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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The work of art was created by Alexei Savrasov with a brush from 1870 to 1880. The picture was painted in oil. The canvas has a size of 53.5x71.5 cm.

The artist painted in not the best times of his state of mind. Savrasov was extremely upset by the family split. The only consolation he found in drinking. It is extremely rare for the light to have the pleasure of seeing his new masterpieces.

On the canvas "Winter Road" the artist depicted the Russian winter. Snow-covered landscape, as if the road divides into two parts. On one side there remains a forest and several birches near the curb. And on the other hand, as if torn from the whole world, there are bushes shrouded in emptiness. From the general color scheme it is noticeable that the air is no longer frosty. It is possible that there is already a thaw. The snow has become loose. The road runs off into the distance and before reaching the horizon, it dissolves somewhere. In the distance you can see the river still covered with ice.

The artist paid special attention to the image of the sky. It occupies most of the landscape. It united in a single whole many shades of blue. In some places yellowish colors are guessed, giving weight to the overhanging clouds. You might think that nature has decided to create another trick and to fill everything around with snow or pour rain. Cloudy grayish shades give the picture an atmosphere of tension and anxiety. The dark sky is a transition from light colors to blue, as if pervading the canvas along.

Looking at the picture, anxiety, emptiness involuntarily envelops, even dreary thoughts visit. Pictured birch trees as people who are separated. Lonely shrubs add drama to the overall look, because next to them the bare trees are just like dead trees. The artist with the help of the canvas conveyed his condition and inner experiences. Depicting a winter landscape, the author shares a part of his life.

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