Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon "New Planet"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon

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Canvas "New Planet" was written by Russian artist Konstantin Yuon in 1921. Since the artist was often involved in the decoration of theater platforms, there is a version that this canvas was intended to become a theatrical decoration. Just during the creation of the canvas, the October Revolution took place, and soon the country was to become a Soviet state.

Perhaps the author gives an analogy and compares the change in the political system with the end of the world. Everything happens so unexpectedly that surprised people in rapture, fear and confusion run out into the street, where they saw a real parade of planets.

The dark sky is illuminated by the glow of fiery red and yellow bodies hanging in the air. These dumb giants witness the revolution of the Russian public regime. The picture embodies a storm of emotions, admiration and suffering. People run on cold, dark sapphire soil, stumble upon each other, fall to their knees, raise their hands to the sky, clutch their heads in complete despair, run away.

This whole crowd of rampaging people is born under bright golden rays, which are knocked out of the earth with a mighty sheaf and rush high to distant planets. The rays of light seem to symbolize the degeneration of the earth, its transformation. She is still full of strength and, despite bloody wars and frequent uprisings, is ready for a new, better life.

People have not yet realized that the world will not perish, everything will remain in its place. The change of power, although it affects them, will not be able to destroy, no matter how senseless and cruel it may be. The world will not stop its life, although transformations will come.

Changes are peculiar to people, even if they are perceived negatively. Everything new is always scary, but, nevertheless, the new carries something better than it was before. A whole better not to avoid losses, but it should be taken for granted.

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