Description of Claude Monet's painting “Impression. Rising Sun"

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Impression. Rising Sun

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Monet's work “Impression. She gave the name to a separate direction in art.

The object of the image was the port of Le Havre, which is only slightly indicated by light strokes. Due to this, the viewer can not only enrich his beauty, but also suggest the continuation of the mysterious image.

The painting was first presented at an independent exhibition of the Impressionists in 1874. The criticism of Louis Leroy was so inspired by the name of Monet's work, that he wrote an article making fun of the exposition, in which he called the artists impressionists. Which is translated into Russian, impressionists.

The article was published in the newspaper Le Charivari and was called “Exhibition of Impressionists” or in other words: “Exhibition of Impressionists”. Now - she would not have interested the people in any way, but then such a name seemed very funny to everyone.

In protest, the Impressionists chose this word as the name of the group.

Monet, like other impressionists, paid great attention to color. In the painting “Impression” the artist depicted both the sun and the sky equally dim, which gives the viewer a sense of damp air and morning twilight. But what is surprising, Monet wrote it in bright colors, not at all weakening their saturation, which could not surprise and interest the viewer.

I would like to note that the reflections of the sun in water and the luminosity itself are depicted in colors alone. If you make a picture in black and white, then these images will almost disappear from the canvas.

At the moment, the painting “Impression. The Rising Sun ”is in the Marmottan Museum. It stores a large number of paintings by Claude Monet. In 1985, the work was stolen from the museum, and it was possible to return it only after 5 years. Since 1991, the masterpiece again delights the audience in its former place.

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